What do our customers have to say about the world’s highest quality charm lockets and women’s jewelry? Watch our Testimonials video above to find out!

“High quality. High style. Without the high price, and excellent help to create one of a kind pieces.

I would wear everything in this store.

The buyer really has an eye. No sorting through junk to find a gem. There are nothing but sparkly gems at this store!”


Kim says: We can’t get enough of those sparkly gems! 🙂

“If every other store learned from the customer service here, they’d have my business. The owner spent ages with my 9 year old helping her with a charm necklace. While most store owners simply sit and watch, these ladies really used their selling tools by being friendly, attentive and now one of our fave places to shop!”


Kim says: As a family-owned business built from the ground up, we want nothing more than for our customers to feel like they’re being treated right

“This is the perfect place to get a gift for every girl on your list! If she likes fashion jewelry, this is the place.”


Kim says: We don’t get put on gift-of-the-year lists every holiday season for no reason!

“So cutttteeee”


Kim says: Need we say more?